Sound Samples

Here is a small collection of sound samples which show the kind of results you can expect when cleaning up your recordings. VinylStudio makes most of these corrections automatically; you just tell it what to do and the changes will be applied when you save your tracks.

Sample 1 - Declicking - Heavy Damage

Here, as the waveform display shows, is a heavily damaged recording:

A considerable improvement. No manual repairs were needed in this case - VinylStudio found them all.

Sample 2 - Declicking - Even Heavier Damage!

Here's another section from the same LP, this time in even worse condition (a blob of typewriter correction fluid had been dropped on the record):

In this case some manual work was needed to get rid of the heavy scratches in the right-hand channel (including cutting out three short sections too badly damaged to repair), but, as you can see below, damage as severe as this is easy to spot in the waveform display and hence not difficult to fix:

Sample 3 - Declicking - Light Damage

Here are a couple of recordings in much better condition, probably more typical of the sort of thing most people have in their collection, both of which VinylStudio repaired automatically:

Sample 4 - Hiss Reduction

Here is an old 78 of Emma Liebel singing La Violetera with lots of surface noise, most of which can be removed whilst retaining a fairly natural sound (note that we have perhaps removed too much of the hiss here, but the choice is yours):

Sample 5 - Hiss Reduction II

Here is a 78 from the music hall days of George Formby singing 'Playing the Game in the West':

Sample 6 - Cassette Tapes

Here is cassette recording of Dire Straits' Sultans of Swing with quite a bit of hum and a modest amount of hiss. We have also used the graphic equaliser to boost the treble a bit and so give the music a bit of a lift (compare the cymbal crash before and after):

Sample 7 - Patching

Here is a recording with some scratches which are too severe to be repaired by declicking alone. Instead, the patch facility is used to reconstruct the most badly damaged sections. The results are still not perfect but it makes a recording in very poor condition playable:

Sample 8 - Restoration

Here is a 78rpm recording of The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo by Charles Coborn in truly dreadful condition. A combination of techniques (declicking, patching and hiss reduction) were used to clean up this sample. Only patching (to get rid of the heavy scratches) required any manual work. We could have removed more of the hiss, but we feel it sounds more natural the way it is:

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