We are proud to have our software used by John Burrows of Soundsgood Studios, who converts vinyl LPs, 78's, cassettes and tapes to CD for a living. This is what he has to say about us:

  Whilst building up my audio restoration business over the last six years, I have tried several different programs before arriving at what I think is the best combination to obtain the finest results possible for my customers. The testimonial page on my website confirms that my work is to a very high standard.

However, up to now it has involved using THREE seperate cleaning programs to get it to my satisfaction, all of which were quite expensive to buy and quite complicated to learn.

I have really hammered VinylStudio with some of the worst recordings I could find on 78rpm records, 45s, LPs, cassettes and reel to reel tapes, some of the 78s being over 60 years old, and I have to say your program has passed with flying colours.

The only problem I had was, convincing myself how simple it is to operate. I wanted to keep saving every change (which is required by other programs) but of course is not required in VinylStudio. Also the cleanup facility is far better than any program I have come across so far - it produces in ONE pass the same results as SIX passes in the one I have been using. The other important bonus I found was the versatility of the Undo and Redo facility, which makes my life a lot easier.

So to sum up, it is faster, simpler, and much cheaper than most, whilst producing results that not only equal anything else I have tried but even surpassing programs that cost more than three times as much.

I look forward to saving many hours of "hard labour"!   - John B.

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