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declick question
« on: May 27, 2009, 05:43:06 PM »
I've downloaded the trial version, and have a question about declicking. 

I found on my one recording so far (Maynard Ferguson Live at Jimmy's) that even though I selected Sensitivity = 1, there were several thousand (!) clicks detected over the 2-disk recording.  While there are several areas of the disks where there are definite clicks to be removed, there aren't nearly that many (I've been extremely careful these disks since I purchased them back in 1974, and they are as close to pristine as any vinyl I own).

I listened to each of the first several hundred declick detections on side 2, and found that a very small percentage of them were valid.  What I'd like to do is retain only the ones where I know they are, at specific times, and delete all the rest.

Is there a way to delete all the entries in the corrections list over a range of time?  I tried selecting a range of entries (which highlighted them in yellow) and pressing "delete", but it deleted just the first one (where the highlighted entry was).  Is the corrections list stored in an editable file somewhere?

Also, how do I convert a PP or BP entry into a regular click repair entry?

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Re: declick question
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2009, 06:43:45 PM »

Yes, it's easy to remove the click repairs from any particular section - highlight it, then right-click in the waveform display and choose 'Remove Corrections'.  But before doing this, you might like to zoom in on a few of these apparently unnecessary corrections and inspect the waveform display. They are usually tiny, inaudible adjustments and it's easier just to leave them alone.  The only time they might cause a problem is on certain types of percussion, in which case you might get some audible 'false positives'.  Listen out for any dulling of percussive sounds, but if it's classical music this rarely happens.  You will need headphones to hear it.

To convert a PP or BP marker into a click repair, click on it and press M to insert a manual repair over the top of it.  Then adjust this as required (drag either edge).  You need to do each channel separately.  But this is rarely necessary on recordings in decent condition.  VinylStudio does miss the occasional 'pop', but these are usually easy to see (and hence fix) manually.

It's worth saying that click repair is a trade-off between false positives and false negatives, and we're always interested in how our software performs.  Send us some sound samples if you feel so inclined, details on how to do so on request.