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How to record on one PC and split tracks on another

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Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft):
This seems to be quite a popular request so we thought we would write up how to do it.  We should point out up-front that you should not open the same collection on two (networked) machines at the same time as changes made on one machine will not be reflected on the other.  Instead, you can create a 'throwaway' collection on the machine on which you wish to record (the 'recording' PC) and keep your real collection on the machine where you intend to split tracks (the 'processing' PC).  You then use VinylStudio to transfer recordings made on the former over to the latter for further processing.

Here's a detailed rundown:

1.  Create a 'throwaway' collection on the recording PC and record your LP's there, directly onto the machine's own hard disk.
2.  After completing a recording, import it into the collection on the processing PC as follows:
3.  Create the album (again) on the processing PC.

4.  Click on 'Import Sound File' in the Record window.
5.  Navigate to the recording you just made (e.g. \\LAPTOP\C\Documents and Settings\TerryG\My Documents\Recordings\Elton_John~Best_of~side1.wav).  This file will be located on the network, of course, from the processing PC's point of view.
6.  Click Open.
7.  When prompted, select the 'Copy file to recordings folder' option, then click OK.
8.  VinylStudio will then copy the file across the network, resulting in a copy on the processing PC (which is what you want).
9.  Repeat steps 4-8 to import the recording for side 2 (if necessary).
You can now go ahead and do your track-splitting and audio cleanup on the processing PC, working on the recordings you copied across.  The recordings (and the album itself) on the recording PC can be deleted to save disk space.  It's easier to do than to describe!

We hope this is helpful.  If you need further assistance in this (or any other) matter, please contact us.

Hi Paul: What about a slightly different problem:
I have recorded and processed on 2 different computers (don't ask). Copied the entire collection from secondary to primary machine, More processing to be done on primary, select other collection, process, works, perfect. But I'm a (sometimes) neat person. Is it possible to merge the 2 collections into one, retaining all the processing, track and click info for  all the individual albums? I assume this will affect the vsfiles folder (probably still a copy-and-paste job, seeing as these files are per album), but notably the .mcf and .bak files)?

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft):

It's not possible to merge two collections currently but it's a popular request and we will add it as soon as we can.  I'll post back here when it's done.

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft):
Sorry, I neglected to post back.  You can now move or copy albums between collections (it's been that way since V8).  You will find what you need under the 'More' button in the Save Tracks / Batch Operations window.

I have stored the colletion database on a NAS and
record on maschine 01 in the studio, and then split tracks on maschine 02 in the living room.
Just make sure there is only one instance open! ...just getting used to close the program after any edits
works perfect so far.


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