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Click Removal, Pass 1 vs Pass 2

Started by Indy33, December 21, 2023, 11:14:46 PM

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I ran a scan for clicks (1 Pass), then did a Undo(Ctrl Z). Next I ran a 2 pass without changing any parameters. Below is a copy/paste of the results.

36168 potential clicks found in 4:06.3, of which:
    33724 repaired
    2444 ignored (PP - percussion protection)
    0 ignored (BP - brass protection)


Pass 1 - 33724 clicks found
Pass 2 - 4325 clicks found
Merging corrections list...

40487 potential clicks found in 8:09.5, of which (approximately):
    38049 repaired
    2438 ignored (PP - percussion protection)
    0 ignored (BP - brass protection)

I would have expected that both pass 1s would have the same results.

But first (pass 1) had a Repaired number 33,724 , the second (pass 1) Found clicks of 33,724. Same number, just different catagories.

Is this correct???

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)


The pass 1 (and pass 2) figures are approximate, so don't worry, everything is working as it should

More than pass rarely helps (and can cause more damage), so you might want to stop using it.