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Limited length of MP3 conversion

Started by Mike, December 16, 2023, 10:39:29 PM

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Hi, My name is Mike. I successfully converted over thirty 45 minute cassette tapes on Windows 11 over a period of two weeks. But for the past week, the conversion process stops at 16:30 seconds, and the following pop-up appears - "File size limit (4 GB) reached for file:....Recording has been terminated."  I made not changes in the settings; I always applied the same - MP3,441.KHz,VBS1. The successfully converted MP3's are ca. 2.8 gigs and have a Bit rate of 8467. The 16 minute MP3's, on the other hand, are ca. 3.8 gigs and have a Bit Rate of 33,868. I assume this is the cause of the problem. I don't see any way to adjust the Bit Rate. I twice uninstalled and reloaded the app, but the problem persists. Do you have idea how to resolve this?
Thank you for your answer.
Kind regards,

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)


Am addressing this via email (please let me know if not received).  Deleted the duplicate.  (Please don't cross-post, maybe it was just a mistake.  Thanks)