Author Topic: LAME issue upon Vinylstudio Update  (Read 1552 times)


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LAME issue upon Vinylstudio Update
« on: February 27, 2022, 02:39:02 AM »
I updated my Version of VinylStudio to the latest and began working on cleaning and splitting an audio file.  When I clicked to split the file, I received this message:

The wrong version of the LAME MP3 encoder is installed.  Please uninstall and reinstall VinylStudio.

On Windows 10 and later, you can uninstall VinylStudio from the Settings app.  On Windows 7 and earlier, you do it from the Control Panel.

Then reinstall in the usual way.  All your settings and data will be preserved.

Any thought on why this occurred? 

I am running Win10/64 bit...just a bit nervous about my existing catalog following a uninstall/reinstall.  Words of advice and reassurance would be appreciated!  Great product!  Thanks,


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Re: LAME issue upon Vinylstudio Update
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2022, 12:09:50 PM »

Yes, it's some sort of quirk of Microsoft's MSI installer (which is what we use these days).  Sometimes, for reasons we don't understand, it fails to install the LAME encoder (which has changed recently), so you are left with the old one.  VinylStudio checks for that and displays this message if it happens.

Anyway, uninstalling and reinstalling is perfectly safe.  You won't lose any settings or data - we never touch those.