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Issues when splitting tracks

Started by TimArends, April 15, 2010, 06:48:18 PM

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I have noticed a few issues when splitting tracks (or maybe I'm doing something wrong).

When using the Scan for Trackbreaks feature, Vinylstudio was putting in too many track breaks.

I could have lowered the threshold level In the Scan for Trackbreaks dialog, but the silent passages between the songs were already pretty quiet, so I changed the number in the minimum track length field, to 120 seconds (which is only two minutes) not particularly long for a song.

However, Vinylstudio seemed to interpret this as the length of the songs themselves, not the space between the songs. I say this because some whole songs were filled in with the cross hatch pattern, representing what Vinylstudio thought was a space between songs. This was obviously wrong.

I decided to put in manual track breaks. I placed the playback position at the start of the first song and then click the "Scan for end of track" button, a nice feature, as, although it didn't always place a break in the right spot, it was easy to adjust.

However, it incorrectly placed a break at a quiet spot in the music. So I simply deleted it and then place the playback position to the right of where it had incorrectly placed the break. But on clicking the button again, it insisted on going back to the left and placing the break in the quiet spot that I had deleted it from previously. Despite the fact that it has a right facing arrow as part of the icon, I could not get it to ignore the quiet spot and keep from jumping to the left until I placed a new marker to the right manually.

Vinylstudio V7.1.4 mac

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)


Well, first up, we do not set much store by the 'scan for trackbreaks' feature.  It is very error prone, and it's only really in there because people expect it.  That said, we do our best.

As well as extending a track, VinylStudio will extend an inter-track gap if it's looking for the start of a track and the minimum track length criterion is not met.  That, probably, is not ideal behabiour.  I will look into it when I have time.

If manual scan puts a track break too far to the left, just click on the button again.  VinylStudio will then move the rightmost end of track marker to the next candidate position.  We do try to explain this in the message we display.  Once you have a marker in the right place, click to the right of it and then click 'Scan' once more.