Author Topic: Potential Room Noise while Recording Records  (Read 547 times)


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Potential Room Noise while Recording Records
« on: January 19, 2020, 02:35:06 pm »
I'm looking for some best practices while recording records. My setup (turntable, ADC, MacBook Pro, etc.) is in my basement. A few months ago, I noticed some faint saxophone sounds on the recording and realized (with some help from Apple support) that the saxophone was me practicing the saxophone while ripping a record. The saxophone is loud and the stylus is sensitive so that the stylus picks up the loud ambient room noise. I have since stopped recording records while practicing the saxophone.

So that got me thinking- what about other household noises and are they captured on my recordings. While not as loud as the saxophone- I have a washer, dryer, and heater all in the same room (although isolated behind drywall). Are those sounds captured on my recordings? If so, is there a way to isolate those unwanted sounds, or should I move my gear to another room?