Author Topic: "Cleanup Audio" feature requests  (Read 4973 times)


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"Cleanup Audio" feature requests
« on: July 24, 2013, 03:42:00 am »
Hi, I had a couple possible requests related to "Cleanup Audio":

  • Could the "Filter Settings" dialog behave like "Scan for Clicks" and remember the last preset you used?  I almost always use "Vinyl in Good Condition" but I have to go select it every time, whereas "Scan for Clicks" defaults to the previous setting (normally "Pop Music on Vinyl").
  • Would it be possible to operate on the entire album at once instead of a side at a time?

The upshot is that it's possible to forget to apply a filter (or scan for clicks, for that matter) before you save the tracks, and anything you could do to protect me from my own negligence would be appreciated. :)

In my ideal world it would warn me before saving tracks if I'd forgotten something, but I realize that probably won't work with everyone's workflow.  Making it more readily apparent when the filter has been applied would help (right now you can't see that without going into the dialog box).



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Re: "Cleanup Audio" feature requests
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2013, 08:35:54 am »

There's a problem with having a default as manual input is required (to define the noise sample) if you are using the Hiss filter.  This is triggered by selecting the preset, whereas if that selection was the default, there is no obvious place in the user interface to do this.

Maybe we can do what you want if the preset does not enable the hiss filter, but I'm still not sure how we would handle the situation if it does.