Author Topic: Making headway, but still a query...  (Read 3367 times)


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Making headway, but still a query...
« on: April 16, 2013, 09:18:42 pm »
Hi, and thanks again for all the time you take to help. I'm plodding along, learning more with each record I transfer, I'm on my third, but of course have questions from what I see and do. I had just worked with the soundtrack "The Beast" by Mark Isham from 1988. Most of my stuff is mid 70's to 80's. I've just been doing everything pretty "automatic" so far, with pretty good success, meaning, I record, cleanup non manually, etc. Now something happened with this last album after I imported the tracks. This album's sides are non-interrupted tracks, one for each side. The tracks were listed before recording as side one with the name, and side two with the side name. I noticed after recording of both were finished, the both sides were repeated, so that I had 2 side ones, and 2 side twos. I guess I could just delete on of the sides.
   One thing I'm not grasping, is what "splitting tracks" actually means? or what it does? Aren't the "tracks" recorded just as they should be? Do they need to be moved around and worked with I still have to study what moving around the colored vertical lines does, as I am almost totally uneducated with sound editing/processing as well as the terms used. Regardless of my fumbling, I'm fascinated by this software and what it does, and love the way it interacts with my Mac Mini, my B&O turntable, iTunes, and my iPod. I have a sound system of some sort all over the house and love plugging in and playing all the old stuff I had not heard in quite some time. I can't believe you're not exhausted reading and answering all these posts, hope you have some help. Of all the help forums I've ever used, yours is the most efficient, friendly, and fastest to reply! Thanks again. Also love the pull-down preference menu that says "prune"


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Re: Making headway, but still a query...
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2013, 10:03:56 pm »

Splitting tracks refers to the process of inserting trackbreak markers between tracks so that VinylStudio knows where the tracks begin and end. Then, when you save your tracks (or burn a CD), VinylStudio uses this information to ensure that the tracks begin and end in the right place.  You should also name your tracks, so that when you play them in iTunes (or Windows Media Player), the right names come up.

A lot of this can be automated by VinylStudio's Lookup Track Listing feature.  For many albums, you can find a track listing online so you don't have to type all the names in.  Also, if track durations are given (which they often are), VinylStudio will put the trackbreak markers in roughly the right place, although you should zoom in and tweak each of these manually as they won't be exactly right otherwise.

I don't know what's happening with the particular recording you refer to but if you send me a screenshot of VinylStudio's Split Tracks window I can probably help you sort it out.  To take a screenshot:

1.  Press Cmd-Shift-4
2.  Press the spacebar (cursor changes to a camera icon).
3.  Click on the window you wish to capture.
4.  Email the screenshot file that appears on your desktop to: p DOT sanders AT alpinesoft DOT co DOT uk