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sort by missing album art?

Started by kcossabo, October 27, 2023, 07:51:01 PM

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Is there a way to find recordings with no Album Art?

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

Not currently, no.  Depending on how many albums you have in your collection, you can visit the 'Edit Album Details' dialog for each one and take a look.


Quote from: kcossabo on October 27, 2023, 07:51:01 PMIs there a way to find recordings with no Album Art?

I use a program called Album Art Downloader and tell it to search for songs in my entire library folder. Then sort by album art size. The downside is that the files need to have the cover embedded, so you will need to look at tracks that have already been saved.


Thank You !!

Will check it out

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

After a bit of soul searching, we decided to do something about this.

The forthcoming Beta will sport a new sort option - 'Sort By Has Album Art'.  Albums which don't will sort to the top.

To be alerted when that comes out, please ask to be sent 'Emails and alerts' for the following topic (you will need to register for the forum if you haven't already done so):

Thanks for the suggestion guys, keep 'em coming.