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Best Method for DELETING unwanted Tracks

Started by Dennis_M, March 20, 2023, 03:50:14 PM

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1) The method of simply unchecking the "Save Track" Option in the Edit Tracks Section is very helpful and convenient.

2) I recently recorded an double album which totaled ~ 25 tracks, (of which I intended to "keep" only 5 (approximately).

3) For purposes of "conserving disk space" by harboring data which I did not plan on using, I attempted to use the "Delete Tracks" Feature, but it appeared that Vinyl Studio got a bit confused.

Specifically, although the Track Name was deleted, the specific song remained.

I spent nearly an hour attempting to clean up this recording, and before I had an opportunity to "Save Tracks", I noticed that my Lenovo T500 started to "blink", and I, ultimately got the infamous Windows 10 "Black Screen" after Windows (attempted start up).

Although I went to bed late, i got up ~ 02:00 and (fortunately), was able to resolve the "black screen" by getting to the repair section where I was able to delete most recent Windows Update AND go to a previous Restore Point.

Short Question:

Is there a simple and KNOWN Method to DELETE, (as opposed to simply, "Not Save"), Tracks which are not likely to be used?

I am currently using VS13.0.0, Beta 5

NB:  The method of simply "unchecking" the Save Track is extremely convenient.

I am just curious, (and may wish to exercise), if there is an Option to,(easily and reliably), DELETE specific Tracks in the event that there is an extremely low probability that one would want to use them at a later date.

(BTW This Product is very convenient in many respects).

Just curious if there is a Known and Tested Method of "Deleting" unwanted Tracks

Thanks for anticipated and helpful response

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

> Is there a simple and KNOWN Method to DELETE, (as opposed to simply, "Not Save"), Tracks which are not likely to be used?

Not currently, no.  This doesn't lend itself to VinylStudio's 'non-destructive editing' model so is currently not supported.  We will keep this requirement in mind, however.

Some suggestions:

  • You can truncate a recording, so if the tracks you want to keep are near the beginning that might be of some help.
  • You could convert the recording(s) to MP3 or AAC format.  That would cut the space they take up by around 80%, at the cost of a little audio fidelity.
  • You could delete the album once you've finished processing it.  But doing that is final.



Thank you for your rapid response and suggestions.