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Restoring previous "Cut and splice Selection"

Started by Dennis_M, March 04, 2023, 04:20:17 PM

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I am still a novice to Vinyl Studio.

After recording an Album, my current process is to:

1) Remove and static, noise between tracks by using the "Cut and Splice Selection" in the "Cleanup Audio".

2) Then I move Zoom In, Move Cursor if necessary, and Split Tracks, and SAVE the desired Tracks

3) Then Normalize

I was recently a bit aggressive in step (1), and did not allow the previous song to adequately "fade out".

Is there a way within the "Cleanup Audio" to RESTORE a bit of the waveform that had recently been "Cut and Spliced" ?

I have not yet SAVED this work, so I suspect that this FUNCTION is possible.

Thanks for anticipated response on this.

~ Dennis M. 3/4/2023


Folks need not respond to this inquiry.

After taking a break, (light shoveling of snow off driveway), I took a look at the HELP Section on "Cut and Splice" and saw that I was able to "undo" the previous aggressive editing.

I will take this opportunity to complement Paul Sanders, et al, for the design and construction of Vinyl Studio.

It is a good Product.

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

You can also eliminate 'dead air' between tracks by dragging the track break markers about, and this is probably the easiest way to do it.  What you do is:

1.  Position the red end-of-track marker at the end of the first track.

2.  Advance the green start-of-track marker to the start of the next track.

Then, when you save the tracks, the dead air will be gone.


As always,

Thank you for your rapid and helpful response.

I will take a look at this method as well.

I don't mind a small, reasonable amount of "dead air" between the tracks, but I do endeavor to eliminate most of the static and spikes of noise between tracks before "Splitting and Saving".

Thanks again your helpful suggestions and "Best Known Methods".

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

You're welcome, we want people to get the best out of the software.