Author Topic: VinylSoft reports "Skipping track" when saving certain album tracks: Solved  (Read 3730 times)


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I figured this out right after I posted the question. When I double-clicked the tracks which weren't being saved, the check box "Save track" was unchecked. I don't know how this happened, but no matter - when I checked the boxes of the unsaved tracks, they saved successfully.
Thanks anyway!

I've used VinylSoft to successfully save about 25 LPs to digital format and I've encountered the following problem for the first time: When attempting to save all of the tracks in an album, the last four tracks are not saved, and VinylSoft reports that it is skipping the track. A screen paste from the software is immediately below.
I can play the skipped tracks and nothing seems wrong with them. I've tried saving the album in various formats. The result is always the same - the final four tracks are skipped.
Has anyone encountered this, and if so, can you make any suggestions on how to find and fix the problem?
Many thanks ------

Saving tracks for album: Jelly Roll Morton - Mr. Jelly Lord

Saving track: Burnin' The Iceberg (3:03) - done
Saving track: Mr. Jelly Lord (2:52) - done
Saving track: Down My Way (3:22) - done
Saving track: When They Get Lovin' They's Gone (3:12) - done
Saving track: You Oughta See My Gal (2:39) - done
Saving track: New Orleans Bump (3:23) - done
Saving track: Load Of Coal (3:01) - done
Saving track: Red Hot Pepper-Stomp (3:10) - done
Saving track: Wolverine Blues (3:19) - done
Saving track: Wolverine Blues (3:24) - done
Saving track: Courthouse Bump (3:01) - done
Saving track: Keep Your Business To Yourself (2:55) - done
Skipping track: Deep Creek-Blues (3:30)
Skipping track: Fussy Mabel (3:18)
Skipping track: Someday Sweetheart Blues (3:30)
Skipping track: Crazy Chords (2:55)

12 track(s) saved (0 already saved, 4 not saved).
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There's a checkbox in the Edit Track Details dialog which lets you specify whether the track should be saved or not.  You must have unchecked this for the 4 tracks in question, so just visit the dialog (which you can do via a button in the Split Tracks window) and tick the boxes.