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Title: Inadvertently deleted files
Post by: audionote on October 13, 2014, 08:37:13 pm
Hi Paul,

I screwed up last night trying to delete what I thought were redundant Vinyl Studio recording files from my laptop’s hard drive (C drive). I started using Vinyl Studio recently and had been initially saving all the files of my recordings to the C drive when I read your thread about recording directly to an external hard drive, so I started doing that. (I am using wav files so they are pretty big.) I had copied all the files from my C drive to the external drive, so I thought I could delete the files from the C drive and be OK. It was a big folder (34 GB I think) and I got a message saying it was too big for my trash, but I deleted it anyway. Now when I try to work with the recordings VS says it can’t find the file. Since it didn’t go to the trash I can’t rescue it…

There is still a file in my external drive with all the wav files in it but they’re not recognized by VS.

This is not a huge loss I don’t think; I had just finished making Saved Tracks files with all my recordings and those are all intact. Plus, I don’t mind playing records, and your software is so good that doing the recordings pretty much amounts to just playing records. But  I would like to understand what happened because it may reveal some basic ignorance on my part about how the software works. I think there may be associated files that were deleted and that render it impossible for VS to see the wav files on my external drive, but of course I’m not sure about that.



Title: Re: Inadvertently deleted files
Post by: Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft) on October 13, 2014, 09:06:02 pm

If the files are on your external drive, you should be able to create a suitably named album in VinylStudio and then import them ('Import Sound File').  If you choose the 'Move file to VinylStudio's Recordings Folder' option, then they will wind up in the right place (and the original will be moved or deleted).
Title: Re: Inadvertently deleted files
Post by: Peter_S on December 21, 2015, 03:59:41 pm
 Paul, when you import BW a V file existing file, does this process import both WAV file and the corrections file? How does one get VS to reference both The WAV and the corrections file? And is the second option, to move the files, part of the import option or a separate option?
Title: Re: Inadvertently deleted files
Post by: Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft) on December 21, 2015, 06:08:23 pm

Your edits / corrections are / were in two places:

1.  A file named, for example, MyCollection.mcf, where 'MyCollection' should be replaced by the actual name of your collection.  This is a relatively small file containing track names and split points and any audio cleanup (other than click repairs) that you have applied.  The latter is in the form of instructions to VinylStudio telling it what to do when it saves your tracks, not actual audio data.

2.  Files with extension .crd containing your click repairs.  The have the same names as the .wav files. and if they are (or you put them) in the same folder as the .wav files, then  VinylStudio will find them.

VinylStudio's 'collection' structure actually looks like this:

    Parent Folder
        MyCollection.mcf                   - your collection file (i.e. metadata)
        MyCollection                       - your collection folder (contains the actual recorded audio)
            Beatles~Help~side1.wav         - a recorded audio file
            Beatles~Help~side1.wav.crd     - click repair data, if any

So if you have anything like that on your external disk, you might be able to get your entire collection back.