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Title: VinylStudio Beta
Post by: Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft) on October 23, 2021, 12:32:16 PM
We now have a policy of releasing new versions of VinylStudio as Beta test software for a period of time before making a formal release.  This helps root out (and fix) bugs earlier and generally works better for everyone.  For full details of what has changed in the Beta since V12.0.1, please see the 'readme' file after installing.

If you happen to find a bug in the Beta software, do please report it.  We can generally offer a response (in the form of a workaround or an updated Beta) much quicker than we can once the software is formally released.  You can report problems either by replying to this thread (if a forum member) or via our website:


The latest Beta software is version 12.0.2 Beta 3.  You can get it here: (Windows) (Mac - Sierra and later) (Mac - El Capitan and earlier)

If you are installing the Windows version, please let us know if you have a problem with your anti-virus and we will report it as a false positive (this sometimes tends to happen with the above file for some reason).

If you purchased from the Mac App Store, the fix is not in that version yet.  You can however download from the above link and it will recognise your App Store receipt and unlock all the features.

If you are using VinylStudio Lite (as supplied with the NAD PP-4), you can also install from the above links.

We will make a formal release once we know that no other problems are going to show up.
Title: Re: VinylStudio Beta
Post by: ChuckThud178 on January 13, 2022, 11:26:30 PM
I need a fully functional version (ie. not a trial version) of the legacy software for my Mac mini mid-2007. It can't be upgraded beyond OS 10.7.5. I can't find a way to buy the legacy version of VinylStudio online. Is this the way to get it...

...or should I somehow buy it?

Title: Re: VinylStudio Beta
Post by: Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft) on January 14, 2022, 06:20:05 PM
Sorry for the late reply, I've just seen this.

Please just purchase a license in the usual way.  It will work fine with the legacy version:
Title: Re: VinylStudio Beta
Post by: Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft) on January 18, 2022, 10:46:24 AM
Hot news: VinylStudio V12.0.2 Beta 3 has now been released and you can download it from the links above.

This includes a large number of improvements, including support for VoiceOver on the Mac.  It also fixes the messy dropdowns in the Record window when running on Windows 11.

Full details here:

Please let us know if you have any problems with this release, either by posting back here or via our contact page: