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Title: Upgrade Options
Post by: pforth on August 28, 2020, 11:21:11 AM
I have a NADPP3 with Vinyl Studio Lite.  In use certain features of Vinyl Studio Lite bring up the message that I need to up grade to be able to use the feature.

That is fine.

BUT I can find no information on the Vinyl Studio website which helps me decide if I need the Standard Licence or the Pro- Licence.

Clearly I can upgrade from Standard to Pro but I want to avoid the additional cost in doing this when I could have made the upgrade from Lite to Pro in the first place.

What is the difference. What features don't I get in Standard which are in Pro

Is there a link to a web page which explains this or a PDF document.
Title: Re: Upgrade Options
Post by: Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft) on August 28, 2020, 10:07:25 PM

The features specific to VinylStudio Pro are listed here:

Does that help?