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Have just finished recording my first LP (yeppie for older guy...LOL)  This digitizing vinyl is all new to me (pretty much anything that has to do with audio on computers is new to me...LOL...I have a PC with Windows 10). 
Anyway finished recording my first LP.  The main purpose for digitizing my LP collection is to add those titles to my Bluesound home wireless music system.  Doing my CD collection was pretty easy, used Windows Media Player to rip them,edit the file with a MP3 Tag editor,  file came up in my "Music" file then just did a click & drag into the Bluesound artist list.....simple (well sort of took me  "bit" to figure it all out).
So anyway right now the LP I just recorded is split into 2 sides (one & two)...did not  think about how to go about combining them into one there a way to do that? (could not find anything on Vinyl Studio).
I do now see the making the recording into one file before starting the recording process....if no way to do I will have to re-record it).

So how does one move a finished recording file to another location?  Will it be a simple click & drag?

I found the finished LP recording under my "Documents" file (I am using a PC with windows 10) and found it under a sub file named "Recordings" then under "Greg's Collection" then there are 3 files  named "vsfiles" along with  two files which are both sides of the LP.  Is this normal and cannot be changed or is there a way to tell Vinyl Studio to send the recorded files to my Music directory instead?
Thanks....will probably have more questions as I go but will try to keep them to a minimum.

The "old guy" in Michigan USA

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There are quite a few questions here so I will stick to the essentials.

1.  You don't need t worry about combining your two recorded album sides.   VinylStudio will treat them as a single file for track-splitting purposes and you can perform audio cleanup on each side separately.

2.  Don't move recorded albums behind VinylStudio's back.  It keeps track of them in a 'collection'.  The layout of a collection is described in the VinylStudio help file ('Where are my files located' under 'Importing and Exporting Files').  On the other hand you can save your split-up tracks wherever you like and move them around at will.

3.  You don't want your 'raw' recordings in your Music folder.  That's where your split-up tracks should go.  If the distinction is not clear, please read the Getting Started section of the VinylStudio help file.