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Digital RIAA & Focusrite Forte.
« on: June 20, 2013, 12:38:24 pm »

I thought others may be interested in this who want to take sound quality as far as possible!

Ive had VS running now for 6 months or so and made some great recordings from my trusty Linn LP12.
In fact Im so impressed that I wanted to take the quality even further.

I had been using a Cakewalk interface that Ive had for a number of years.
I did some reading up and searching finally settled on the new professional Focusrite Forte Mic USB interface.
Not cheap but the results really are very good indeed.

Recording directly into the Mic preamps and then using the digital RIAA features produces beautiful recordings.
Its almost as if a veil has been lifted from the sound especially in the bass region and rhythm's are superbly conveyed.
In fact its quite eye opening how much information is on a piece of vinyl and how real it can sound.

Great job on the IIR filters for RIAA and Equalisation Paul they work superbly!

My general workflow has also changed now in that I record without any EQ and add all that later once recorded, I can then tweak the EQ for my tastes.
Is there any advantage or disadvantage to doing this later rather than at record time?

Has anybody else tried this or have any comments?