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Problems with VinylStudio when swapping out import files in an album

Started by nealmiller1, December 07, 2008, 07:23:49 PM

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Hi Paul,

FYI - I had made a small error when importing the source MP3 files. I accidentally imported a different album by the same artist. I realized the error after listening to the audio, then I proceeded to re-import the correct files into the same album, one file for each album side.

When I did that, the Split Tracks tab looked just like I expected it to, but the Cleanup Audio tab did not. The two re-imported tracks showed up (sort of ) as expected, both when the record side dropdown showed side one. The old, bad import files showed up when the record side dropdown was on on side 2, still showed the old files and the old waveforms, which then caused problems when I tried to output the split tracks. Because of this, I renamed the first output folder, then re-output the split tracks again, and VinylStudio crashed on me - I think because I had renamed the folder, it wasn't there when I tried to output the tracks again.

After I realized that I could delete the original incorrect file selections, the program seemed to flow much better.

I think that the answer to this is to change the UI so that if a new file is imported into a record side that already has a file for it, a "Keep Original File" prompt ought to be added, so that the user has the option of either removing the original file source, or keeping the original file source and adding new file sources to it. If the answer to the prompt is NO, then perform the same functionality on the input file that would be done if the right-click "Remove File" menu option is selected.

Also, immediately after the Output MP3 files menu option is selected, just before outputting the split files, always check that the target folder exists on the file system drive. If not, create it automatically.

I do hope that all this is clear. Let me know if you need any other information. Again, overall, I love the program.


Neal Miller

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

Hi Neal,

Yes, I can see that offering to remove any existing recordings when importing a new one makes sense.  I will put it on the list.  Presumably the original problem occurred because the wrong file was selected in the Cleanup Audio window after the import.  If so, that is not the intended behaviour - VinylStudio should leave the imported file selected).  I will look into it.

I will also look into the crash you encountered.  As you say, we should create the folder at that point if necessary.

Once again, thanks for the feedback.

Regards - Paul.