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Program stops responding

Started by starfury, May 27, 2011, 06:17:14 PM

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Hi Paul:

I have installed Vinylstudio on two different 3 GHz, XP3 computers.  They both have Delta 2496 cards.

I have used the program for over 200 albums, and the program has crashed either computer on more than 30, random occasions!  It happens during my recording attempts, and mostly when I am stopped to flip to the second side.  I start the "Record" and nothing happens......I then cannot stop or close the program through any means.  I cannot even "Restart" or "Shut Down" the computer, I have to do a hard 6 second press on the start button to shut down.

Any ideas??  I love your program, it's just frustrating since I am recording hundreds of albums and having to shut down and wait for a start up is a real time killer.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)


This sounds like a sound card driver issue.  I can assure you this is not normal behaviour.  Can you check for updated drivers on the maufacturer's website please?  Alternatively, try with the sound card built into the motherboard, just to narrow the problem down.  Thanks.


Thank you Paul:

I tried to update the drivers on my 2496 as you suggested but the driver update package failed.  So I fired up Vinylstudio and waited for another freeze so I could try another approach.  I seem to have found a procedure that minimizes my crashing issue to negligible! 

First, I started saving immediately after recording each side (and I have the auto-save set to one minute), and in an entire 12 hours of recording, I only had two program seizures. 

Secondly, I discovered a way to side-step that issue also.....when I notice that a recording has not started (triggered) properly, when the needle sets down, instead of hitting STOP (which usually resulted in a complete lock-up and corresponding hard boot), I immediately go to the task manager and am able to successfully terminate the program.  I can then immediately restart Vinylstudio with no issues!! 

For me, I am perfectly happy now ;D     Thank you for your time and consideration, and once I get an updated driver I will see if it remedies the issue completely and let you know.


Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

OK, thanks for the update.  And yes, we'd like to know what the result is if you manage to update your sound card driver successfully.


I had this problem with the Delta 2496 card too, using it in a home built PC using an Abit NF7 MkII motherboard. It would lock up the computer randomly during recording. Sometimes it would go for 30 minutes, sometimes 3 minutes, always it would require a hard reboot. I, too, thought it might be a software issue but it locked up with whatever recording software I was using.

I read various hi-fi forums and found out the 2496 sometimes conflicts with other PCI cards. So I gradually pulled the other PCI cards and found that with no other PCI cards in the machine it would work fine.  Unfortunately this was not practical for me, so I reverted to a Behringer UCA202 USB interface which worked OK, but clearly not as good.  Since then my mobo failed, so I replaced it with an NF7-S which has SATA on board.  That meant I could ditch my SATA PCI card. I also binned my analogue PCI modem.  That meant my only PCI card was a 4 socket USB2 card.  Two weeks ago I tried the 2496 again and have recorded about 6 LPs without a hitch, so hopefully I have sorted the issue.