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Feature Request - Lyrics and their tags

Started by Saffron Vinyl, February 17, 2024, 06:18:22 PM

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Saffron Vinyl

I wonder if you have considered adding the handling of Lyrics text and their tags. Due to a playback  equipment change I recently normalized a large number of my files, once saved I then had to re-add the lyrics with mp3tag via its view/extended tags/add field menu where you enter the tag name and cut and paste text. Luckily I had kept text files of the lyrics for all my albums.

A one stop shop with VinylStudio would be great and wondered if the following idea was worth considering:

Split Tracks/Edit Track Details/ could have another tab called Lyrics (similar to the Album Art tab in Edit Album Details)
The Lyrics Tab could consist of a drop down selection for language (required by the mp3 Unsynced Lyrics tag field) defaulting to xxx or eng and a box in which the lyrics text could be entered or pasted. Upon saving an album the appropriated tag for the file (I've only used Unsynced Lyrics for mp3 and Lyrics for Flac personaly) would be written together with the text.

I wondered if the entered text could be kept in a lyrics directory in a similar manner to the album art in the artwork directory. Following this I wondered what would happen if the tracks were later moved/deleted/added and thought of saving the lyrics with a unique track ID (only unique on a per album basis) that could be assigned the to text within the saved lyrics file so that it can be re-associated with its parent track even if moved.

I'm sure there are many gotchas I have overlooked but wonder if this could be a valuable addition to VinylStudio.

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)


Thank you for your post.

The 'Pro' version of VinylStudio has a 'custom tags' editor.  Would you mind trying that and reporting back?  If it can't be done that way we will look into implementing your suggestion (or we might do that anyway). 


Saffron Vinyl

Thank you for your prompt response.
I tried the /Edit Track Details/Custom Tags/ and found on pasting from a text file into the value field it only accepted one line, appearing to terminate on either the CR or LF characters.

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

Oh right.  That will be fixed in the next Beta.  To be alerted when that comes out, please ask to be sent 'Emails and alerts' for the following topic:

In the meantime, apologies for the bug.

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

Just FYI, we fixed the 'custom tags' bug and added lyrics support in version 14.  Many thanks for your input.

Saffron Vinyl

Wow, that's great. With version 14 I pasted lyrics text into the new /Edit Tracks/Lyrics field and tried saving the album as both mp3 and flac. Both showed the lyrics fine when played. This really will simplify re-creating albums when changes are made. Many thanks.