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Comparison of Click Removal and Click Repair

Started by LateJunction, January 11, 2024, 11:03:42 AM

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While doing research, more than 15 years ago, on ways to digitise my vinyl collection I became aware of Brian Davies' Click Repair product. I tried it out while using Audacity to perform the DAC functions. I thought the results were excellent. Later, I became aware of VinylStudio and realised it did an immeasurably better job than my do-it-yourself approach. Having done a comparison, though, I decided to continue with the use of Click Repair, by-passing Click Removal in VS. I have never subsequently tried Click Removal again, even after the many updates there have been to VS. It's now time to ask the forum what others think of the comparison between these two methods.

I ask this question now as I'm finding Windows to be beyond personally acceptable, because of the spy-ware, continuous theft of my personal data, the bloat-ware and the intrusive nature of the Corporate lying, masquerading as advertising. And this ignores the very nature of Windows as the primary vector for the dissemination of malware, and the (largely unnecessary) requirement to replace/upgrade my hardware to continue to run with a serviced version of Windows.

There were some application barriers to abandoning Windows entirely, all of which, with the exception of Vinyl Studio and Click repair, are now more than satisfactorily overcome. Paul encouraged me to try these in a Virtual Machine, which I have just done, with no problems discovered, so far, using Virtual Box – both VS and Click Repair work as intended, in a Win 7 guest  OS. I ran these tests on 10 year old hardware with minimal resources, under the low/medium footprint of MX Linux. This allows me to continue my task of vinyl digitisation using a repurposed small form factor PC in my audio rack, well away from my other computing systems.

The other issue is with the continued use of Click Repair. As some of you may know, its developer, Brian Davies, passed away some years ago, leaving no process for either issuing new licences or to provide assistance to those who 'misplaced' theirs. If this happens to me then Click Repair becomes 'unobtainium' and I will have to transfer to using Click Removal.

Would that make a big difference – comments?
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Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)


My comment would be to compare the results from VinylStudio vs Click Repair.  We have never actually got round to doing this, although, really we should.  But if you plan to have a go we'd be most interested in the results you get.  Don't pull your punches!

Apple Silicon Mac Minis are very cheap for what they are and work really well.  If you're looking for more horse power for your digitising work, you could do a lot worse than use one of those.  I have one of the original ones (M1) and it's absolutely brilliant.

And we do intend to look into providing support for Linux, but it's a lot of work so we won't be able to do it any time soon, sorry.