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Number of click repairs

Started by Gretschguy, May 28, 2023, 10:09:42 PM

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Just checking on something here:

The first batch of records I've ripped are brand new records, cleaned with a record cleaning machine, basically pristine vinyl. 
Using high end analog and ADC equipment, precise cartridge setup, etc...

VS is generating about 1000 to 2000 click repairs with the default settings (sensitivity 4). The resulting sound is fantastic and I don't hear any odd artifacts. Just wondering if you would expect this many repairs?

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

Yes, that's actually quite a modest figure.  Many albums are in much worse condition than that.

For click detection to be effective, there have to be false positives.  VinylStudio tries hard to make these inaudible - if you zoom in in the waveform display you will see that most of them are tiny and that the replacement segment is not that different from the original.

It's more of an art then a science, TBH.  Many hours spent under the cans fine-tuning the algorithms used.


Thanks Paul, that's great to hear.  The results have sounded fantastic but I've only been listening for a day or two.  So I was a little alarmed by the repair count and whether something was going wrong.