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Toolbar button dropdown menu (mostly) disabled

Started by JohnH, May 07, 2023, 10:52:04 PM

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Hi... I've had VinylStudio Pro for about a year now, running on an M1 iMac 24.5", OS Ventura 13.1, and I just upgraded to VS 13.0.0 ARM 64-bit. I noticed what appears to be a bug, or maybe just an oversight.

Basically, all of the command choices in the Toolbar's funnel-button drop-down menu seem to be permanently disabled now (except "Anchor Mode," "Classic Mode" and "More Information"). Everything on the top-line Options|Cursor Options and Playback Speed menu is enabled though, and the commands all work as expected.

So, a minor inconvenience really, but should be an easy fix...?

Also, I don't mean to be presumptuous, but over the past year of using VinylStudio I've made a list of about ten feature suggestions, mostly of the "I think this would make things a bit easier" variety. Would you rather I post stuff like that here, or in the "General Discussion" forum, or just use the Contact form instead? And do you prefer to have people post each specific suggestion in a separate forum thread?

Thanks in advance!

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)


Thanks for the bug report.  We know about it and will issue a fix soon.

As for your suggestions, yes, we'd be pleased hear about them.  If you'd prefer to post them on the forum I think one thread per feature would be easiest (unless, perhaps, some of them are closely related).  We're also happy to receive them by email, it's up to you.