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Compilation with Track Artist has wrong Tag ARTIST

Started by wpopp43, April 13, 2023, 09:42:52 AM

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I installed the newest VS 13.0.0 - but I think it is not related to the new version. It is my first time processing a Compilation LP:

I have given for every track a Artist, this is shown in the tracklist and is also used for the Filenames:
for Example the track list: 
Jethro Tull - N New day Yesterday
Spooky Tooth - That was only yesterday

result in the filenames:
01-Jethro Tull, A New Day Yesterday.flac
02-Spooky Tooth, That Was Only Yesterday.flac

The used Export preset:
[Album Artist] \ [Year] [Album Title] \ [Track Number]-[Track Artist], [Track Title]

So Far so good.

But internal in the audiofiles the tag "ARTIST" is popolated with the Album Artist "Various Artists"
The Tag "ARTIST" should be poulated with the [Track Artist] - same as for the filename creation

I only noticed it because I do some conversions in MP3Tag afterwards.
I can restore the "ARTIST" from the Filename, but it should be done by VinylStudio when saving the tracks...

The Tag "COMPILATION" ist correctly set to "1"

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

OK, we'll look into it.  What file format are you saving to please? - is it MP3?

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

Hello again,

I've taken a look at this now and can find no problems, so could you provide a bit more detail please.

Screenshots from MP3Tag and VinylStudio would help.  See also my previous post.

I noticed one odd thing - for MP3 files, the Album Artist shows up blank.  But it's definitely in the file (I checked) so this looks like an MP3Tag bug.


Good Morning,

sorry again for the delay, this morning I repeated my workflow to make the screenshots.
Here I saw now, that the "Artist" is correct filled with the track artist, i checked this in dBpoweramp File info now (File Properties, ID Tags). Last time I only checked in MP3Tag, but I was able to reproduce the issue...

The fileformat was and is FLAC
But as you said, all is fine now. Perhaps it was another update of MP3Tag, or my virus scanner that "protect" some file formats (Norton 360) where I did some relaxed settings meanwhile... I cannot say what it was.

I only can excuse for the unneccesary time used on your side.

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)