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V13 Manually added tracks not shown until switching back to album.

Started by Steve Crook, April 16, 2023, 11:16:39 AM

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Steve Crook

On Windows 11.

  • Start recording something
  • Switch to 'split tracks', double click on "Double click here to add" 
  • Add some tracks that way, staying in the dialog and pressing return to add a new track
  • Exit from the dialog, there's usually just one track (the first one) visible
  • Panic because you think you lost the tracks you just added
  • Switch to a different album and back to the one you're recording and the tracks are there

Initially I added a couple of tracks like this, the recording stopped, they appeared to be missing, I went and added more, they weren't shown either and that was when I switched to another album and back just to see.

Basically, am I supposed to be able to manually add track definitions while a recording is in progress?

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

Hi Steve,

Yes you are, but I cannot reproduce this.  Could you take me through the steps you went through please?  There must be a loophole somewhere.

When I add tracks in this way, they appear in the list in the Split Tracks dialog one at a time, as I add them.

Steve Crook

Worked it out, it was actually more complex than I thought...

Double click to add a track while recording.
Type in the track title.
Open the Custom Tags dialog for the track, put something in, save it, close the CT dialog
Move focus back to the track title, THEN press return.

The Edit Track details dialog clears for the next track but the earlier one never appears in the track list and it looks like its not been added.

All the tracks are there if you return to the recording tab and then back to split tracks.

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

Thanks Steve, I'll give it a go.  Work is proceeding with the auto-complete business.  It's a bit fiddly...