Author Topic: Using VinylStudio as a Waveform Inspection Tool  (Read 8797 times)

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Using VinylStudio as a Waveform Inspection Tool
« on: October 06, 2008, 03:25:33 PM »
VinylStudio can be used to inspect in detail the changes that an audio editor has made to a file.  You might want to do this after saving the file in a lossy format (such as MP3), or if you have performed any form of processing on it (to add a touch of reverb, say) outside VinylStudio.  You can also use the technique described here to check out what VinylStudio itself has been up to (although VinylStudio never overwrites your original recordings - it applies any changes you have made 'on the fly', when saving tracks or burning CDs).

Let's imagine you edit a recording from VinylStudio in another program.  When you are done editing, save it under a different name and then reimport the edite file back into VinylStudio (in the Cleanup Audio window).  You will then have two fles in the File History List, like so:

You can now flip between these two files (by clicking on each of them in turn) and you will see any detailed differences in the waveform display as you do so.  You might be surprised at what turns up, especially if you use a certain major vendor's declicker.

To see what changes VinylStudio has applied to a file, choose 'Save a Copy'.  This copy will include the results of any use you have made of the filters and suchlike and you can then compare it with the original in the same way as above.  You can delete the copy when you are done - VinylStudio can always recreate it for you.
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