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Change default location of collection?


I inadvertently created two VinylStudio collections, one called ..\_F Vinyl Studio and the other ..\_F VinylStudio. These are under different Windows profiles. Can I merge these two? I realize that I can only have one .mcf file and I will likely have to choose the larger one and then import albums from the other one but that's okay. Can I at least move the other folders either using Windows Explorer or within VS itself?

Is there a way to change the default collection folder? (I've attached a screenshot as a file as I couldn't figure out how to insert an image here; if that doesn't show up, I've described the screenshot here). VS settings shows that I can change the location where I store my results but it doesn't give me the option to change the collection folder. Is this done only on initial set up? Can it be changed in the registry?

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft):

Yes you can, although you do need VinylStudio Pro.  There's a link to a video showing how to do it on our tutorials page:

You select the folder where your collection is stored when you create it.  You can't change it later - you have to go through the procedure shown in the video.  Moving recordings around outside of VinylStudio is not advised - it will lose track of where they are and get confused.

Please note, just for clarity, that you can change the folder where your saved tracks are stored at any time.  Then just save them again (or you can move them across yourself, VinylStudio doesn't try to keep track of where they live).

Happy to upgrade; your support is superb! I in fact tried this morning and got a spinning wheel when the site went to Paypal. Just tried again; same behaviour. I'm using FF on W10 and my ad blocker is off. I'll try another browser.

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft):
Could be that PayPal is having an off day.  Please let me know if this continues to be a problem and we'll work something out.


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