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Enhancement request: Move the vertical zoom box


Steve Crook:
I spend a lot of time working with the controls hidden on the cleanup tab and it would be handy to have the vertical zoom drop list on the bottom so it's visible when controls are hidden. Or give the main and popup menu items keyboard shortcuts. Or both. I don't mind which TBH.

That volume slider is really handy BTW.

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft):

We added a menu item to the right-click menu in the waveform control.  Does that work for you?  Depending on the screen size (many people work on laptops with smallish screens), there might not be room for it next to the toolbar.

Steve Crook:
I don't like the menus that much, and rarely use them directly, mostly it's shortcuts from my non mouse hand.

Ctrl + Mouse wheel (so control key being pressed changes from horizontal to vertical zoom)
Ctrl +/Ctrl - (Conventional zoom keys)
Ctrl <key> / Ctrl+Shift <key> (If Ctrl +/- not considered appropriate)

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft):
Actually, shift + mousewheel already does it (while the mouse is over the waveform display).  Sorry, forgot!

Steve Crook:
Dead neat. Many thanks for the info


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