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Bit Rate and Frequency Conversion

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I made the mistake of recording at 24 bit 192 kHz from a Behringer UMC204HD where Windows was configured to use 24 bit 96 kHz.

I don't expect it really makes a difference except maybe the audio file will have double samples (two samples for each "real" sample) which would double the file size.

Vinyl Studio has the "Convert File Format" option but it appears to only be to go from one format to another (eg. FLAC to WAV) leaving the sample rate unchanged.

Is there a way to downsample the frequency to save some disk space?

I know that 24 bit 192 kHz is a bit overkill, subjectively, for audio files. Yes, you preserve as much as information as possible for future post-processing but at the cost of disk space.

Additionally, I'm assuming the higher frequency recordings put a higher demand on Vinyl Studio during processing for noise and other operations.

A conundrum.

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft):

VinylStudio can't change the sample rate of a recording I'm afraid, but it can save your tracks with a lower sample rate if that helps at all.  However, the higher sample rate shouldn't increase processing times noticeably.

How many recordings did you make in this way?  Is disk space a major issue here?

Too many files.

I did open one of the 192 kHz files in Audacity and was surprised to see that the waveform was contiguous with a sample every ^5x10^-6 seconds which is 1/192K.

I had expected to see doubling of samples, that is, the amplitude "stepping" every two samples. Audacity's "resample" from 192 to 96 kHz just removed every other sample, which was expected as 192 / 2 = 96.

Maybe Windows is lying to me and the ADC is actually running at 192 kHz.

Sorry to be exacting - I worked with data acquisition for most of my career, mostly at 10 Hz but for hundreds of data channels.

Maybe just need to suck it up and buy more hard disk space to store my recordings.

Also need to study Nyquist frequencies and the like.

So, the answer is that you can resample in Audacity. Not sure about the bit depth as, on import, it takes the supposed 24 bit and shows it at 36 float which is a bit confusing.

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft):
Sounds like Audacity's resampling algorithm is very poor.  VinylStudio is smarter than that.

Steve Crook:
Disk is cheap. 4Tb of USB3 rust for <100ukp. I have two and a 2Tb SSD. Rips go onto the SSD and robocopy /mir /mt:8 onto the rust and I have one backup kept off site. I have all my rips (CD and LP) ,VS files, recorded radio and images from album covers on the SSD (about 2000 albums so far) and there's 500Gb left. LPs are all at 24/192 but stored as FLAC, CDs are 16/44.1.

I wouldn't trust SSD for long term storage where it's unpowered for more than a few weeks because of the potential for bit rot.


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