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Track markers appear and disappear with position of the play cursor.

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Steve Crook:
VS 12.02 Beta 2 on Windows 10.

A set of recordings I made with an earlier version of VS (May 2020 IIRC) but don't remember which. Opened the collection and went to one. Tracks are shown in the track list with timings. But there are no markers in the display. The recordings were made within a couple of days for four albums, there are 19 other recordings in the collection and none of them have this problem.

Moving the mouse cursor over where the markers would be changes the cursors shape as you'd expect, but no track marker is visible.
Clicking on one particular track in the list causes all the markers to be displayed.
Clicking on a different track in the list causes them to vanish.
Drag selecting to the left of the play cursor makes the tracks appear, though if VS loses focus the tracks disappear when focus returns.

Tried stopping and restarting VS, rebuilding the waveform and switch to another collection and back. No change.

Screenshots uploaded to the Dropbox share you invited me to. No Tracks is what it looks like, All Tracks what it looks like when that particular track is selected, No Tracks again after selecting another track.

If you want it, I can upload the CRD and recordings. LMK.

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft):
Hi Steve,

Thanks very much for reporting this.

Yes, please do.  I will also need your .mcf file.

So is it just the one specific album that's affected?  If it were more general I think we would be inundated with complaints.

Steve Crook:
Files have just uploaded. It's a single collection, all recordings were made during May/June/July 2020 and it's four Pink Floyd albums all the others (~29) are OK.

And I agree, it's certainly an outlier rather than something people would be tripping over day to day. Just utterly weird.

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft):
OK, thanks, I'll take a look.

I notice that you have no icons on your pushbuttons.  That might indicate something, not sure what.

Steve Crook:
They're not there if you select "Use standard windows colours" in the 'Change Font And Background' dialog. Been using VS set that way almost since the first day...


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