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Cleanup Audio Tab - Horizontal Scrolling

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Steve Crook:
Is there an assigned keyboard key that'll let me move the horizontal scroll thumb to move along the recording? Did have a look through help and couldn't see anything. If there isn't one, it would be useful (to me at least).

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft):

The left and right arrow keys should do it.

Steve Crook:
Somehow I sent the post without the important bit, that I want to move a 'page' at a time. Perhaps ctrl + arrow key or something.

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft):
Sorry, that's not supported.  We will make a note of your request.

Steve Crook:
FWIW I've fund a workaround using something called AutoHotkey. I started using it because I wanted to disable the capslock key before I did physical damage to my keyboard. It's been useful for all sorts of other things since...

It can send windows messages to the cleanup display to have it horizontal scroll a page at a time when ctrl + < > are pressed. Like this:

; Page right - Press Ctrl+>
ControlGetFocus, FocusedControl, A
SendMessage, 0x114, 3, 0, %FocusedControl%, A  ; 0x114 is WM_HSCROLL 3 PG_RIGHT, 2 PG_LEFT

return  ;

; Page left - Press Ctrl+<
ControlGetFocus, FocusedControl, A
SendMessage, 0x114, 2, 0, %FocusedControl%, A  ; 0x114 is WM_HSCROLL 3 PG_RIGHT, 2 PG_LEFT

Neat I thought. I still have to click on the window to ensure it's the one with focus to start, though I'm fairly sure I could write more script to sort that out too...


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