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Can no longer retrieve album artwork

Started by rom661, March 26, 2021, 06:30:20 PM

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Hi.  I've been using Vinyl Studio for years although definitely not a power user.  I use it to rip LP's to high res digital.  I've done a few hundred albums.  Suddenly today. when I do the album lookup it goes to Discogs and shows me the matches but when I click to see the artwork I get an error message.  I'm visually impaired an it's hard to make out the message.... I've rebooted, insure I have internet connectivity (have to since it's finding the matches).  Any thoughts?  Thanks


  I am also having this problem today with Discogs. The error message is:

   "SSL_Connect to failed, error 336151568 (error:14094410:SSL routines:ssl3_read_bytes:sslv3 alert handshake failure)"

  I think it's an error on Discogs end as I have had temporary errors like this before.
   I will try again tomorrow...



Same problem here. Retrieve's track information fine but no Art Work. (Music Brainz works fine)

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

We will look into this, initially by contacting Discogs to see what has changed.  Updates will be posted here.  In the meantime, please use Music Brainz to retrieve album art.


Thanks.  I'm a big classic listener and Musicbrainz is very limited, including the one I'm working on now.  Hope Discogs gets things sorted out.  Ironically the LP I ripped and discovered the issue on was purchase from them.


 You can still use discogs album art by finding the release on their website and dragging the artwork into VinylStudio by opening Album Details / Album Art Tab.
I also use Tagscanner to insert artwork into each track.


I was looking but hadn't figured out how to do it yet.  Thanks.  I can't really read now but I recognize words if that makes sense.  Makes this kind of thing hard to figure out.  Hopefully you just made it easy.  Thank you.

Music Brainz seems to be very limited in albums in database: Robin Trower Live (1975) not there for example. I do have alternate ways of getting art files (dBpoweramp is one)


Seems like DISCOGS is hacked.

Went to the home page and

MTV Unplugged
At Folsom Prison

All are on the home page with Nazi images, not the album art.

Hope this gets fixed soon - MusicBrainz is starting to have "issues" when downloading album art, besides the fact that the site has many fewer albums with data

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

It will be.  We now know the cause so we can move forward.


As someone was kind enough to instruct me, there's a fairly easy workaround in the interim.  Just go to discogs, find the album cover art, save the image and then go to album and artwork in the VinylStudio.  Click the art tab, select the image you downloaded, apply, and you've got it.  Not as easy but at least it's done and you can keep using it.

I use dBpoweramp, right click to  edit tags, and it can come up with a few dozen pieces of artwork to choose from - many just the album cover in different sizes. But it won't save art in a directory, just embed the tags

Frank Schabel

What's taking so long? CATraxx had this problem and they fixed quickly even though the program isn't sold anymore and the only thing they support is keeping up with changes in the ability to download from sites like Discogs.

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

Sorry, we have one or two other changes in the pipeline.  Shouldn't be long now.