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Title: .crd and vsfiles
Post by: TimArends on April 10, 2010, 10:52:02 PM
Hi, I am noticing files appearing on my desktop ending in .crd and folders by the name of vsfiles. I understand that the vsfiles folder can be deleted but the .crd files contain click repair data and should not be thrown away. Is the reason these files are littering my desktop because I am importing the audio files into VS from the desktop and choosing "leave files where they are" in the import dialog? Thanks.
Title: Re: .crd and vsfiles
Post by: Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft) on April 11, 2010, 12:08:30 AM
Yes.  Don't store your audio files on your desktop!  You can accept VinylStudio's offer to move them into its recordings folder, or (better, probably, if you want to know where they are and what they are called) move them to a folder of your own choosing before you import them.  That folder can be on the desktop.  That might be a good compromise.

.crd files are moderately precious and contain your click repairs.  The vsfiles folder contains the files to generate the waveform display.  VinylStudio will recreate these if it needs them but it takes a few moments.