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Transferring everything to a new computer.

Started by streetrodder, March 19, 2023, 09:24:19 PM

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The netbook I originally installed the software on and where all my music is located is dying.

I have a couple of questions

1.  I have a paid copy of the software, can I reinstall it on the new computer or do I need to buy another copy?

2.  What methods does anyone recommend to move all the existing files (raw and processed) onto the new computer?

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

#1: You can reinstall (and re-register) the software without charge.  More details on request.

#2: There's a section in the VinylStudio Help file entitled 'Where are my Files Located' (under 'Importing and Exporting Files') which should help you with this.

Then, once the files are copied over, open your .mcf file in VinylStudio via Menu -> File -> Open Collection (or via the startup 'wizard' that is displayed the first time you run VinylStudio on your new machine).



I will need some details re-registering.

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

You can request a copy of your license key, along with instructions on how to install it, here:

And if you need a copy of the software itself, you can get it here:


Thanks for all the help so far.

Since the new netbook has an SSD, it doesn't have the capacity to directly store the files (about 100 Gb).

So, it looks like I'll need to store them to an external memory and access when I need to use them.  I'll just need to figure out the proper pathname, etc.  But that should be pretty straightforward.  Now to find a handy storage device.


OK, sorted out the vinyl from the CDs.  About 16 GB.  Am moving those across now.  Trying over a network, but that seems to be hanging up... a lot.  Not sure if I can do it that way, I may still need an external drive.

If so, can I two stage it by copying them to a thumb drive in a new collection called temporary, then repeating to the new 'hard drive' on the new machine?

Unless, of course, there's a way to do this with my Linux workstation...

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

> can I two stage it by copying them to a thumb drive in a new collection called temporary, then repeating to the new 'hard drive' on the new machine?

I don't see why not.  What's happening with your network though, is there some issue with it?  It might take a while, but it shouldn't be misbehaving like that.  Although if Macs are involved, then it might do.


I found the problem.  it was power management.  Both computers were set up to sleep after 30 minutes with no user input.  I changed it to 'never'. 

And a big thanks to you all for that process.  You designed it to pick up right where it stopped, so I lost nothing and didn't have to start from scratch.

I've moved all the recorded/processed music over.

Now, I think I need to check the A/D converter, the left channel is erratic, and it appears to be the rca jack on the box.