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Recorded an Album ; (listed as "Newly Added"); No record of audio waveform

Started by Dennis_M, March 23, 2023, 01:12:32 AM

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I am a relatively new user to Vinyl Studio, though I have recorded approximately 70 Albums within the last couple of months.

I had an interesting experience today in that I recorded (3) Albums today.

However, when I went to VS tonight to "clean up" and "Save" my Tracks, the 1st Album that I recorded today was listed as "Newly Added", (and there was no audio waveform data).

I am pretty sure that I recorded it, but no evidence of the data.

The data from the other 2 Albums which i recorded today was there and lasted as "recently recorded."

Not sure what happened; I had never experienced this before.

Any thoughts / comments ?


Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

Not really, no.  I'd just (re-) record it and keep an eye out for any similar occurrence in future.  Beta 7 is only two days old though; maybe we dropped the ball somewhere.  But if we did, I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.


I had originally purchased Vinyl Studio and downloaded it to a Lenovo T500.
Fortunately, I had saved my tracks to an external SSD Drive.
My Lenovo T500 had begun to have "Black Screen Issues", and I have since tried to reload Windows several times and am seeing if I can get that computer operational.

Meanwhile, I downloaded Vinyl Studio V13.0.0, (need to get Beta 7), to my T560 Computer.
I seem to be having a difficult time getting VS to recognize my saved tracks on my external drive.
I have inputted several permutations of what I believe to be the "collection", but each time I check "work with a song previously added", VS does not seem to find any songs.

(I need to "fine tune" some track breaks on my saved tracks), but am having a difficult time linking to my SSD, (or, more specifically, getting VS to recognize my saved songs).

Any recommendations ?

I have 800+ tracks saved on my SSD, and I need to "fine tune" some Track Breaks, but I am having a difficult time getting VS to link to the SSD.

Perhaps I am not inputting the "collection" properly, but I have tried several permutations.

Is there a way to point to the Drive, (eg. D:\ and have VS find the saved collection)?

Any useful recommendations would be appreciated.


~ Dennis M, 4/12/2023


Please disregard my previous question.

Fortunately, it looks like I was able to input the proper "collection" so that Vinyl Studio was abl eto recognize the tracks saved on my SSD.

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

Yes, you have to know (or be able to find out) where the corresponding .mcf file is and then open it via Menu -> File -> Open Collection.  VinylStudio lost track of your recent collections when you moved to a new machine (because the list is stored in the registry).


Thank You

I have since found it and appear to be set.

I noticed while listening to some tracks via an app on my computer that I need to, (should), "fine tune" some track breaks. 

This will be especially useful when compiling playlists.

I now seem to have access to the saved tracks on my SSD so I can make the necessary corrections.

Thanks again

Paul Sanders (AlpineSoft)

You seem to be on the right path.  This conversation demonstrates that it's worth keeping your recordings around for as long as you can, because you never know when you might need them again.  And hard disks are cheap, you don't need an SSD for storing audio.