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Anyone else digitizing Open Reel tapes?

Started by LtMandella, May 08, 2024, 06:37:20 AM

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Am I the only dinosaur still listening - and loving - my reel to reel collection of tapes (and tape decks).

Obviously not many clicks to have to deal with, or media cleaning.  On the other hand, definitely need to clean and demagnetize the transport and heads on a regular basis.

And I have yet to scratch a tape although I can tear up the ends when mounting for playback. 

I had 4 pioneer decks but sold them, the electronics are too problematic.  The Sony's are more reliable electronically, although they do need mechanical maintenance (99% just cleaning and lubing).

Anyway, the tapes and decks sound great when in good repair...

here's a shot of my hifi work area for digitizing...


I had a friend who was in the military overseas and had a couple of reel to reel deck, he loved it.

I found some tapes at a garage sale business. I think there a couple  of them that said "Lacquar Master". I don't have a tape deck so I don't know if they sound any good.

Quote from: LtMandella on May 08, 2024, 06:37:20 AMhere's a shot of my hifi work
area for digitizing...
Looks like you keep busy with all your stuff. looks like fun!


Yep, keeps me busy along with staying in shape and trying to get my 18 year old son launched.